Feb 242011

The route 4062, 410

Total distance 125 km

First stop this morning was the 7-11 to get some water and while in there I saw the magic word, PORK, so I had a burger in there, 22 Baht with cheese and not bad either.
I dont know if any of the hotels do a western breakfast but I havent seen any in the restaurants

Off out along the 4062 and lots of muddy brown water in the rivers today as it rained heavily yesterday non stop from 4pm to midnight

Hot, dry and sunny this morning with a lovely view

With a lovely twisty road thrown in for good measure

After the turn off for Ban Chulabhorn Phattana the road really narrows

And then narrows even more where it hardly ever gets used

The asphalt finishes at N05.51.231 E101.14.974 and here I stop and turn around

To my surprise I find some other people out here

Their bike would probably negotiate the off road bits better than mine

Time to ride back along this pleasant road

I take a right and ride down into Ban Chulabhorn Phattana

Plenty of fish in here

The communist monument on the hill

The museum at N05.51.372 E101.14.139, unfortunately its closed and theres hardly any sign of life here, just the odd adult and no sight or sound of children

The concrete bridge is still intact and exactly the same as I remember it from two years ago

I actually find a living person here

Her husband is busy doing something up the tree

The monument up closer

One of the soldiers stationed here speaks some English, he said its quiet because the children all go to school in Betong and are not schooled here in the village

Riding back and the sky is darkening

The heavens suddenly open and I take shelter at a house along the road

I guess I should have been thoughtful and got the washing in, I must have waited here for at least an hour before it stopped raining

As soon as the rain stopped it was a nice day again

Even more water in there now

I dont think that watering can is going to be needed for a few days

I explore a few side roads

One of these side roads suddenly turns to dirt then its this narrow tricky path up a twisty bit where it would be quite easy to fall in the stream running below, hopefully no other bike comes the other way as passing would be impossible along here

Luckily I get down onto the flat before these come the other way, from here I make my way back home as its starting to spit with rain and it looks like more is coming, it rains heavily again at about 4pm but I am in my hotel so no problem.
Betong must have more karaoke bars and massage parlours per 1000 people than any other place that I have ever visited, its just a shame that theres no restaurant here selling western food

I eat here tonight at N05.46.268 E101.04.191

The husband is Malaysian and from Penang while his Thai wife is from Chiang Rai and now they have this business here, its only been open for two months and good luck to them

This wasnt bad, much better then the one I had in Sungai Kolok, he says the bill is RM15.5 or 155 Baht, up to me which currency I pay in, so I give him RM8 and 75 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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