Dec 102008

The Route 318, 3157, 3299, 317, 3193, 3227, 3248, 3255, 3405, 3424, 3259, 3479, 3383, 3067

Total Distance 349 km

I returned from Trat to Aranyaprathet pretty much by the same route that I took, I had a nice early start and not stopping for lots of photos gave me time to explore a few side roads

Along the 3193 not long before the Ban Pakkad border crossing road I take a right turn onto the 3227, this is signposted to Ban Pak Kad

The further I go the more overgrown the road is, to the centre of the road now

You can just about make out the km marker in the middle of the picture about 3/4 of the way up. after 6km the road finishes at a dirt track, perhaps this dirt track actually carries on to the border crossing. I turn back and take the 3193 until I see another right turn, this one goes to the border crossing

This very friendly helpful girl told me I can take my bike across as long as I have the bikes documents

This is where you turn to go to the border crossing, this is the view heading towards Aranyaprathet

And this is the only sign as you are Trat bound on the 3193

One photo of the 3193, a very enjoyable road

I take a right onto the 3248 signposted to Ban Nong Kok and this also goes to the border but not a crossing

At the end I just turn round and ride back to the 3193

I take the 3255 to the Ban Laen border crossing, there are some VIPs from Bangkok here today when I arrive

This is a subject that I have seen quite a few posts on Lonely Planet about

The guy whose truck it was saw me looking and said Hitler, I thought to myself this is a back to front swastika

No border crossing is complete without its market

An ATM but no 7-11 here

I make my way back to the 3193 and ride on to Aranyaprathet, I did a few more side tracks and three of them were border crossings but only for Thais and Cambodians

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  1. Hi Simon

    Aranyaprathet is probably the nearest station to the border crossings.

    The road numbers are listed in the trip report and I have no information about the towns nearby, I am not living anywhere near that area


  2. Hi,
    am very impressed by these pictures here, I am looking to cycle from bangkok to saigon in 7 days, and have already seen siem riep so am putting together my own route because anybody else who does the trip all get pulled to Angkor Wat. If its not to much trouble could you by any chance give me the names of some roads and towns crossing the boarder via Ban Pak kad, and if its not to much to ask if approximately 100km from the crossing there is a train station?

    Hats off on the route. 

    Cheers Simon Arts 

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