Mar 132008

The route 102, 101, 1201, 1305, 1294, 1330, 1048, 1327, 1056, 1318, 1180, 1196, 1046, 1041, 1043

Total distance 332 km

I took the 102 out to Si Satchanalai then turned left onto the 11 for about 1 km then it was a right onto the 1201, not far along here I come to a fork in the road, I take the right which is the 1305 about 8 kms later I come to a crossroads and took the right, the 1294, this has been a dusty rather unpleasant last few kms since Si Satchanalai

Acouple of kms later the dust disappears and its a pleasant ride

Away from just rice fields at last

This is a nice road with a few hills as well, I ride up to the National Park entrance and see the sign saying Fee For Foreigners 200 Baht so its an about turn

I take the 1330 to Thung Saliam and this is a good quality road all the way to the 1048

Some decent bends too

I reach the 1048 and its a right for a few kms then a left for Thung Saliam, just before getting into town I take a right onto the 1327

Theeres a flag at the top but I certainly aint in no climbing mood today

This is also a decent road, after about 30 km the 1327 turns right and I carry on straight ahead on the 1056 to Si Samrong, I stop here to check my map and suddenly realise that I am standing outside my favourite shop, yes they have a 7-11 here. I take the 1318 to Si Nakhon, then its the 1180, 1196 and a left onto the 1046 heading back towards Uttaradit

Its a carpet of greenery along here and the nice cool breeze coming from the water filled fields is very welcome, I dont know what Chiang Mai is like now but its baking around here

The 1046 is a decent enough road, I reach the 102 and do a left for a couple of kms then its a right onto the 1041 to Lap Lae, this is just built up all the way to Lap Lae and the only good point was finding a 7-11 there as I was thirsty. I ride on to Mae Plu waterfall and the road is now the 1043, its not a particularly pleasant ride as again its non stop civilisation and the waterfall is not at its best this time of year, I take a quick look around then its back to Uttaradit

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