Nov 242007
I head out of Udon heading west on the 210 then turn left onto the 2313 to Nong Saeng

Its mainly flat out here but a pleasant ride all the same, its rubber trees, tapioca and sugar country out here and at one stage it looked like all I could see was sugar cane

At Nong Saeng I take a right onto the 4006 and the road surface is not so good, I come to a village after about 15 km , here straight on is the 4006, left is the 1020 but I turn right onto a road with no number

At last I find a hill to climb, and trees again not crops

The road finishes abruptly here at this unfinished building so I turn back

Back at the village I take the 1020 and its a nice new shiny road for a way

This road meets highway 2 just south of Kumphawapi and I turn left and head back to Udon

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