Nov 252007
I took highway 2 heading south out of Udon and after about 30 km took the left for Kumphawapi

After a few km the road forks and I took the left the 2393

This is one of my favourite roads around here but its always a strong head wind every time I ride here, but at least it was warm air

About halfway along its length you hit the 2239, its a right for about 300 metres then a left back onto the 2393

Plenty of twists and turns with a good condition surface but its flat

I come to the 227 and take a left

Some hills but unfortunately the road doesnt go through them

I reach Waritchaphum and its a right onto the 2218

A pleasant enough road but it is mainly straights

I hit the 213 at Phu Phan and take the right

The 213 is a much twistier road and is a joy to ride

At Somdet I turn right onto the 2041 for about 15 km then its a right onto the 227 for about another 15 km then a left onto the 2289

I reach Wang Sam Mo and take the 2023 back to Kumphawapi

A nice 420 km cruise around on pleasant roads today but it was so windy for most of the journey. I remember doing this trip last year when we had that prolonged cold spell and it was not very pleasant as the wind was very cold. At least today was a warm wind and all the roads are in good condition

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