Dec 092007
I headed out of town on the 2373 heading north east

About 20 km out and at the crossroads its a left onto the 2168

Just rice out here and its so flat

At Rasi Salai its straight over the crossroads on the 2086 and a nice new piece of tarmac

I come to the junction with the 215 just south of Suwannaphum and turn left onto it

At Tha Tum its a left onto the 2076

I go through Rattana Buri and about 10 km later its a right onto the 2262

This takes me to Samrong Thap where I turn left onto the 226 for less than 1 km then its a right onto the 2234 which becomes the 2167 halfway to Prang Ku

At Prang Ku I take the 2200

The road number suddenly changes to the 3026 and at a T junction I am told to go right for Si Saket

After a few kms I come to the 220 and I turn left onto it, this is 24 km south of Si Saket. Todays ride was 290 km and very enjoyable, the roads may be flat but are in mainly good condition with a few corners thrown in for good measure

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