Nov 042007
I left Nan on the 1168 and these first three are on the way to Mae Charim

Then its the 1168 to Ban Nam Tong

I come to the end of the paved 1168 but two maps show an unpaved road carrying on and coming out to the highway south of Bo Klua. Perhaps some of the more adventurous off road guys amongst us want to check this out sometime.

In the picture above you can see an unmade road, perhaps this is it

Lush and green and the road all to myself, what more could I ask for

The next ones are on the 1259 to Ban Rom Klao and the off shoot road that goes down to the Wa river at Ban Nam Pu

I have visited this spot lots of times and each time I visit at the end of the wet season its fifty fifty if the bridge has been washed away, it has so next visit I expect to see a new one again

I have been wondering why I havent seen any snakes yet this holiday, especially as its not been long since the rain finished. Does anybody know if this fella is poisonous. I came round the corner and only noticed him at the last minute and narrowly avoiding hitting him

He stayed still in the road for a long time and when he finally got to the greenery he lifted his head and slid up the greenery until he disappeared, not once going onto the ground

The village shop in Ban Rom Klao

I Go to the rafting camp on the Wa river and see these people

Is this the local road sweeper

The Wa river

These are from the 1243 heading south out of Mae Charim

That looked like a dam to me at first in the picture above,but apparently its a new road going to Mae Charim from Ban Nam Muap, a village a few kms on

Well todays ride was just over 300 kms and although not very sunny at least it was dry and the air is oh so clear. When I was last here in March it was just one big fire

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