Nov 082007
It was out of Nan on the 1169 to where it meets the 1081, here I took the right turn and here are some pictures

I finally meet the roadworks, it is dirt for only half a kilometre then compacted for 1km, after that its the racetrack quality tarmac that we love

This picture sums up our reason for being here, a decent road with no traffic on it. Every GT rider should ride this road at least once

A local enjoying it too

Further north of Bo Klua this river runs next to the road, is it the Wa?

This tree wasnt killed by the fire then

I take a right onto the 1307 and follow it to the end

A narrowish twisty road but good all the same

Now its back on the 1081, the road surface is nowhere near as good north of Bo Klua but the scenery is

I think this is now the 1080 and I am on the return leg

I get back to Pua and decide to have another ride up the 1256, and this time no rain or low level cloud

Isnt that just brilliant

Only 426 km today but a faster ride, another reason for going over the 1256 was that I got to ride the nice section of the 1081 again

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