Nov 062007
Todays trip was leave Nan on the 101 to Wiang Sa then the 1026 to Na Muen

These first three are on the 1026 which is good once you are a few kms out of Wiang Sa

At Na Muen its a left onto the 1339 which after about 2 kms narrows to a single track

Pak Nai, the fishermans village

I couldnt believe it that here they were cooking chicken, I expected only fish to eat, so I sampled a couple for breakfast.

When I was here late last november/early december this bit of road was completely under water and only the roof of the building in the top right of the photo was showing. There cant have been that much rain this year

This is the new wide section of the 1339 that is only for the last 6 km into Pak Noi

Back to the single track but the road is in good condition

I go back to Na Noi and take a left onto the 1216

Up through the mountains again

I come across quite a few trucks laden with these cabbages

Over the other side of the mountain I turn left onto the 1217

Now its a right onto the 1342

At the junction with the 1134 I turn left and after about 1km its another left and I am on the 1343 which runs parallel with the 1342

Good scenery and a good road surface with hardly any traffic, great

I come to the junction with the 1024, its too late in the day to take the right over the mountain to Phrae so its the left and heading home. This first section is not a particularly good road with a lot of loose gravel on it

Someones getting the fires started early

At the junction with the 101 its a right turn and the 101 back to Nan, its been a 371km trip today, very enjoyable with virtually all of the journey on decent roads

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