Nov 052007
Todays run was supposed to be up the 1080 around the Lao border then back down the 1081 but as I got to Chiang Klang it started raining and the sky was as black as arseholes in the direction I was going.It was a u turn and on to Pua and then the 1256 to Bo Klua, but even this dont look promising.

Oh no the dreaded fog again and I dont bother taking any photos of most of the top section, plus its a very slow ride as I cant see much in front of me

This is a couple of kms before the highest point and its pissing down

At least I can see a bit clearer now, with only the rain to worry about

Its dry now and more importantly the roads are too

Now its the 1081 south for about 7km then a left turn onto the 4016

The 4016

You hardly ever see any other traffic on this road

At the peak

A bit overgrown here

I have ridden this road many times and whilst it would be no fun on a race rep or a full dress tourer anything else will get round. Most of the route is okay with loose gravel here and there plus some pot holes and a few shitty sections. It ends as it joins the 1275 and I turn left for Santisuk

More great scenery

I was all dried out by the time I got back to Nan, a 263 km trip today, not the one I planned on starting out but very enjoyable all the same. Pattaya,Phuket&Samui, shove em up your arse, the best scenery is up here in the north

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