Feb 062008

I took the 108 out of town towards Hot then after about 30 km took a right, the 3005, after just over 5 km I took a left onto an unnumbered road, this was the road I didnt have time to explore when I rode the 3005 about a month ago

This isnt the best quality road in the country but quite enjoyable

After 10 km I come to a village and just the other side of it the road finishes and it looks like just lots of fields of tomatoes to me

I ride back through town and just after crossing the river I take a left onto a small track that gets a lot better

The scenery up here is brilliant

This road looks like it goes on forever, its mostly concrete but there are a few stretches that are still hard dirt

After 15 km I come to a village and just after here the road ends and is just only a dirt track from there on. I turn around and retrace my route back to the 108, I am certainly glad that I bothered trying this road out though

I ride on towards Hot then take a left for the 1270

This picture really sums up this road, great

It looks like a dirt road in the distance though

After about 20 km the tarmac finishes and its a rough hard surface for a very long time occasionally giving away to dirt

Whilst I am cursing the surface I cant complain about the scenery though

I was aiming to get to Huai Hom then on to Me La Noi but I reckon I turned left too early onto a newish dirt road and eventually a sign said 3010 which was the road I took yesterday and comes out onto the 108, 15 km east of Mae Sarieng. It was a decent concrete surface to start with but then a mixture of concrete and dirt sections the rest of the way until the hot springs, then its 10 km of tarmac back to the 108

I cant really let the annoyance of going wrong spoil the enjoyment of the great scenery up here though

One thought I had whilst riding today was if I do get a cruiser next holiday then trips like this will not really be possible on my own bike. A really great ride today and I got to ride two new roads as well

It was freezing cold in Mae Sarieng this morning and also really foggy looking out from the Riverside Guest House

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  1. Lots of tracks going off the main highway Tom, get a good paper or gps map and enjoy yourself

  2. Hi. 
    Thanks so much for your blog. 
    4 of us are heading to MHS loop next week. 
    Taking cfr 250 and would like to come off road every now and then. Only have 4 days. 
    Any chance you could let us know of any must do off road side trips or must do sights for our trip?
    thanks again. 

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