Nov 182007
I headed out towards Pai for about 8 kms then took the left, after about 1km I turned left again, the road to the Long Necks

This is not a bad road and not much traffic on it

Hard at work threshing the rice the old fashioned way

Further on from the turn off for the Long Necks the road narrows down a lot

This weir is pretty much the end of the road, I ride on about 1km then its a u turn and back to the junction and a left for the tea village at the border

This road is in good condition the whole way

The lake at the tea village

The sentry was not at his post so I walked into Burma a little way past this sign, but not much going on there and didnt see anybody

I rode up to the Thai army camp but the gate was shut which is unusual, usually you can go in and before I have been given binoculars and shown where the various armies have their camps. I go back to town and have a very filling pizza at Salween restaurant which reopened 5 days ago and still does good food

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