Nov 192007
I headed out of town on the 1095 towards Pai

What a fine road this is, it was a lovely sunny morning and great fun

Apart from one short section under repair the road is in perfect condition and a good spirited ride is the order of the day

What great scenery we all enjoy here at this time of the year

About 55 km out its a left turn onto the 1226

This road is okay most of the way but a fair few bits that are a bit shitty

Overlooking the village, that was where I turned around

Its now back on the 1095 heading towards Mae Hong Son until I turn right onto the 1285

The 1285

This road is in much better condition and is a perfect ride for the first 16 km

The road has now really narrowed and stays this way until the Myanmar border

Its quite a steep climb up to here

The concrete road has a couple of not so good spots but otherwise its in good condition

End of the road at the border, another pleasant day out travelling and its back to Chiang Mai tomorrow

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