Mar 152010

The route 348, 3486, 348, Unknown, 224, 219

Total distance 255 km

It was north out of town along the 348 then a left onto the 3486 to cut off a corner then back onto the 348 again

Its a good ride along here and not that much traffic

At Non Din Daeng I take a right onto an unnumbered road to visit some reservoirs and take the back roads, not far aong here and its the Lam Nangrong reservoir

A nice new stretch of tarmac to start with

Then its a bit patchy and potholed in places

I reach the second reservoir, the Lam Changran reservoir

This ones less than one metre from capacity so no water shortage here, from here I carry on riding east but come to a couple of dead ends and as I havent rode this way before havent really a clue where I was but eventually I reach the 224 where I turn right onto it

I take a left onto the 219 and ride towards Ban Kruat

Some more colourful trees today

Then its on along the 219 to Buri Ram

I go to try out the Muang Pizza shop at the night bazaar but its closed, luckily the shop next door told me there was a second one and they took me there

This one is on Harnchana road

There is a big menu here not just pizza

While the meal is being cooked a baguette with garlic butter is given to every customer

Then the main meal arrives, I have had a few pizzas lately so have a lasagna tonight, another baguette is included and the total bill was only 130 Bht for a nice meal

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