Dec 132007

It was out of Aranyaprathet on the 3067

Then the 3383

When I came to the left turn for the 3479 a motorbike had just turned onto it, this is unusual as this road is always closed off and the soldiers say no entry. I take my chance to explore it for the first time ever

Its in good condition and very green and shady to ride in, I keep going rather than keep stopping for photos as theres a lookout post virually every km and I keep getting funny enquiring looks

Halfway along I reach a crossroads and take the left which is a border crossing after about 1 km, I am told no crossing for me here but plenty of locals crossing. I get the camera out but am told no photos, interestingly there is a big sign warning about bringing in counterfeit cigarettes which they point out to me even though it is written in English. I dont know why they bothered telling me for when they wouldnt let me go across anyway. I go back to the crossroads and turn left to carry on, I manage a few more checkpoints then my luck ran out and I got stopped, after a few phone calls I am told to go back about three km and turn left to get me off this road and onto the 3395. Even though the barriers were open at the end where I got on apart from that other motorbike I saw no other vehicle at all on this road, so I rode most of its length today but I still want to try to find the other end of it

I am on an offshoot of the 3479 making my way to the 3395

Now I am on the 3395

At a crossroads its a left onto the 3405

This is like riding a country lane back in the UK narrow but fun

I reach a T junction and its a left onto the 3193

The road widening is taking place quite a lot on this stretch of road

After a few kms its already been widened and is a very fine piece of road

I reach the 317 and turn left onto it and stay on here for 17 km then its a left onto the 3299 and I see the hills again in front of me

The surface is a bit crap here and there for the first few kms then its just great

Hurray, I am in the mountains again after the constant flat terrain of Isaan, this is one hell of a fine road with stunning scenery to match. I am surprised to not see other people writing about these roads up here, there are quite a few up in these mountains that I will be riding over the next couple of days

I reach a T junction and turn left onto the 3157 which takes me all the way to Trat. A most enjoyably day and a ride of 310 km with only a few potholes and lots of decent roads

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