Dec 112008

The Route 348, 3198, 3485, 3462, 4039, 3039, 304, unknown, 4040, 3462, 4040, 224, 348

Total Distance 449 km

Todays trip was one that I was really looking forward to, I was going to try out some new roads and one of them looked great at least on the map, but some days I guess are just meant to be shyte days.
I took the 348 out of town heading towards Ta Phraya and about 10 km out I took a left onto the 3198, this was an okay road but nothing special, I take a right onto the 3485

This was a much better road with lots of good twists on it, I reach the 3462 and turn right and about 1 km later its the national park entrance. I tell them that I dont want the national park but to just ride through to Khon Buri, I am told that the road only goes about 20 km then its closed due to the road being dangerous, thats a bummer as this road looks good on the map. I thank them and turn back staying on the 3462 for about 6 km then its a right onto the 4039

This road starts off okay

I am enjoying the ride but then it gets some serious potholes in it and care is needed

The road number changes to the 3039 and the surface is much better, this road takes me to the 348 where I turn right

The 348 is dual carriage way to start with then this nice section for a few kms, after that is a mixture of lots of dual carriageway and sections under construction. Its a dusty journey with heavy traffic to contend with as well, I am glad to finally get off it after about 70 km, its not a road that I particularly want to ride again.
The right turn that I take is another crap road that goes to Khon Buri, its extremely bumpy, dusty and loads of lorries with sugar cane are on it going to the sugar mill. I take another right turn and ride to the Lam Sae Dam

The water level is fairly high here

I ride southwards and the road number is the 4040, not anything special

Then the number changes and I am on the 3462 heading south hoping to go a good way back towards the national park and enjoying this road. I go about 5 km then its a barrier, I am told here that I cant go any further for the same reasons that I got at the other end, its a long section of this road thats closed thats for sure. Also at this point the road is no longer surfaced, for how far I have no idea, so for the second time today on the 3462 I have to abandon the mission and go back.

I ride back and at a crossroads I do a right then about 1km later its another right onto the 224 which is uneventful and which takes me to to the 348 and home.

Todays trip was primarily to ride the 3462 and it failed miserably, has anybody here ever rode it before and if so whats it like?

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