Dec 182007

Todays trip went perfectly, I left my hotel and made my way to the border and turned left onto the 3446, I stopped to put on my balaclava as this is another road they dont seem to want foreigners travelling on

It was a while before I could stop to take any photos because the checkpoints were so close together and I didnt want to draw attention to myself, I have never seen these growing before, does anybody know what they are

For much of todays journey I have the roads virtually to myself

After say 25 km there is a dirt track to my right which I take and less than 100 metres later its the Cambodian border

My bikes now in Cambodia, there are no Thai officials here only Cambodians and I get the impression that if I want to go to look around the Cambodian town that I could. I decline as I have other things to do but later on I wish that I had, oh well theres always next years trip

Does anyone know what these are either as they seem to be growing a lot of them here

Its nice and shady here

But going off for a wander here is perhaps not the best idea

At one checkpoint there was a large armoured vehicle but stopping for a photo was not the sensible thing to do, I made sure that at each checkpoint that there was not already anyone stopped and approached them as fast as possible. At one place the barrier was down but as I was already a lot nearer to Ta Phraya than Aranyaprathet I certainly didnt want to be sent back so I quickly got around it, I saw the soldiers coming out but too late, I was already away. I reach a crossroads where my trip was terminated last year and I was told to turn left to Ta Phraya, today I was faster and managed to go straight across

I come to a T junction and take the right, finally I am on the forbidden 3308

I come to another crossroads and go straight over, I see the sign for Lahan Sai so know its the right road

Heres the proof

Some of the surface is loose and its quite a slow journey for a while but so what I have got all day and more importantly I have got to ride it

I am starting to get up in the hills and not far from here is an army roadblock, thats why all the loose gravel from their vehicles. The road is blocked with oil drums but I just manage to squeeze past and keep going, less than 1 km later on is a wooden barricade but this is easily manhandled out of the way

A road that looks like it hasnt been travelled on for ages

Its a funny feeling now, on one hand its great being out here riding alone with no signs of any one ever coming out here but on the other hand if anything goes wrong there will be nobody to come along to rescue me. I ride rather cautiously along this unused stretch

I come to the blockade preventing travel on this road heading south where I rode down to last year, I quickly dismount and make a gap then ride back to legality. Interestingly enough the 3308 is not on my Thinknet maps but on the map I bought in Bangkok when I bought my Honda Phantom 5 years ago it is clearly shown

One last backward glance at a road I will probably never ride again, I have no need to plus its not in the best condition, there were no pot holes but too much loose debris.

Now I am back on the open section theres no loose gravel but plenty of potholes, I stop and remove the balaclava and take a break

I reach a T junction and its the other end of the 3308, the sign there says Ta Phraya so this is another main road that has been put off limits for some reason. I have rode the entire length today, has anybody else on gt-rider rode this road or am I the first, I take the left at the T junction

Just down the road is a tapioca processing place so I stop and take a look around

They are bringing in lorry after lorry loads, weighing the vehicles then unloading, I step on the weighbridge myself and according to their dodgy scales I weigh 90 kg, either my leather jacket is extremely heavy or someone is getting fiddled over the tapioca

I carry on then take a right heading north on an unnumbered road, I finally see a sign for Lahan Sai and take quite a few turns all on unnumbered roads before finally emerging onto the 2120 about 2 km south of Lahan Sai

At Lahan Sai I take the 224 to Ban Kruat then the 219 to Buriram, my hotel is at the station and some friends in Si Saket told me about the Bamboo Bar which is only about 200 metres away, I have a lovely homemade chicken Kiev with chips and baked beans which I struggle to finish for 160 Baht, I must remember to make this my regular eatery here

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  1. fantastic journey,my wifes family live 20km north of tapharay. I always wondered where that road went to thanks Greg

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