Mar 142010

The route Unknown, 3067, 4012, 3395, 3008, 317, 3434, 3259, 2004, Hwy 33

Total distance 319 km

Todays trip was to explore some new roads to the west of Aranyaprathet especially the one that goes through the reservoir near to Tha Takiap on the 3259. I set out on an unnumbered road that runs parallel with hwy 33 but just south of it

A ceremony was just finishing here and the Monks were walking off as I arrived

A pleasant road this one, at an intersection about twelve km from Aranyaprathet I take the right as this should take me to Khao Chakan but after about five km it turns to a narrow dirt track and I turn back and take the other fork heading south which brings me to the 3067, I turn right here onto the 3067

A couple of km further on I take a right onto the 4012 which is being surfaced/resurfaced and its a bit dusty

After about ten km I take a left hoping to go south but its another dead end so its back along the 4012 until I reach the 3395

I take a left onto the 3395 and about four km later I take a right onto the 3008 for Khao Chakan

Its a pleasant enough road with a few bends

The scenery gets better nearer to Khao Chakan

Then its the colourful trees

At Khao Chakan I take a left onto the 317 for a couple of km then its a right onto the 3434. This looked a twistier road on my map than what it really was mind you it was still a decent enough ride along here

I reach the crossroads with the 3259 and turn right onto it

The map shows this as a straight road but its much better in reality with some bends and small rollercoasaters plus not bad scenery. Along here the temperature is really getting up again

A good bendy section

Then the mountains in front of me

Accident time

Whats odd is the lorry and trailer are both facing in opposite directions

I ride past the reservoir then ride to it heading east, the water level is quite low now

Compared to bards photo from 17th september, the scenery is a bit greener then too plus less haze

The water level is low enough to ride through so I do

A family day out

I decide to ride back along the 3259 and ride it all the way to Khlong Hat

About 100 metres before the crossroads in Khlong Hat I take a left onto the 2004

This is a pleasant back road

Some good scenery along here and it take me all the way to Watthana Nakhon where I take a right onto hwy 33 and ride back to Aranyaprathet

Apart from a couple of km along the 3067 and hwy 33 all of todays trip was done on new roads for me which was great as some interesting new ones were discovered

The Korean style buffet again tonight, the benefits of these are, 1 I never go away hungry, and 2 I have never had to send a meal back

It wouldnt be complete without the ice cream, all for 99 Baht

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