Mar 062010

The route 3067, 3383, 3384, 3395, 3426, 317, 3193, 3210, 3247, 3193, 317, 3299, 3157, 318

Total distance 286 km

I take the 3067 out of town to ride to Trat on the back roads

The 3067 finishes and I am now on the 3383 and along here I see this unusual structure

I reach the 3384 and turn left onto it and this picturesque tree is along this road

I reach a T junction and turn left onto the 3395

Plenty of workers out in the fields today

I take a partly different route to my usual one between these two towns today but its a very interesting and pleasant ride all the same

Todays ride is virtually all on a very good road surface too which is always a bonus

About twenty five km after riding through Khlong Hat I reach another crossroads and go straight over and now I am on the 4026, a bit of colour either side of the road to start with

This is a narrower road but good all the same

Some really good scenery out here, I reach the 317 and turn left onto it for 1.5 km then take a left onto the 3193 for about fifteen km then its a right onto the 3210 for a few hundred metres then a left onto the 3247

Another narrower road that again is great fun to ride

It heads south and brings me back to the 3193 that loops round, here I turn right onto the 3193

I now have twelve km of a very good section of the 3193 to enjoy

Its lovely along here, quite breezy so not too hot, a brilliant road and great scenery, paradise. I reach the 317 and turn left onto it and after sixteen km its a left onto the 3299

After a few km I stop at the Khi Ri Tan Reservoir for a break

Plenty of water here plus a clear sky, not hazy

Now its time for the brilliant parts of the 3299 to be enjoyed

Is it this clear up in the north now?

I reach the 3157 and turn left onto it, this is also a good road and it brings me to the 318 where I turn right and ride into Trat. I go straight to Pops House and get my usual rooom for 120 Baht per night. Hot water here for the first time since Chiang Khan, but unlike there here its probably not needed now. Yesterday in Aranyaprathet I had to let the cold shower run for a few minutes before it was cold enough to tolerate as the sun had nearly boiled the water

Secure parking for the bike here

Theres some three day festival going on here in Trat

Lots of different stalls selling everything

I ride out of town to Joys Pizza only to find for the second year running that its moved again, this time back into town so its now within walking distance again. Its now on Tharaerjang Road, heres a link

I have eaten a lot of meat recently so its a vegetarian pizza tonight to redress the balance, 230 Baht for this delicious filling meal

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