Feb 132014

The route K175, K8, K15, 76

Total distance 336 km
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4225.jpg
A bit of a murky start compared to the bright of the last few mornings, mind you I was away not too late and the time is one hour ahead of Thailand.
This is the first bananas I have seen for sale roadside since I got here, then later on today I saw them everywhere
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4226.jpg

Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4227.jpg
Not a usual sight down here
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4228.jpg

Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4229.jpg
Up in the hills and the sun is out
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4230.jpg

Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4231.jpg
Breakfast time at a roadside cafe, two different kinds of chicken and rice for 60 Baht
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4232.jpg
Normally theres a dog waiting for the scraps but the cat pesters me here
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4233.jpg
A day of map reading as the GPS seems to have lost its maps, its an annoyance in new towns but thankfully I can remember Alor Setar and Ipoh from my previous trip
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4234.jpg

Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4235.jpg
Plenty of water seen today where it belongs, in rivers and lakes.
Three years ago I did this ride in on and off rain but today its bone dry
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4239.jpg
At 2.pm in the shade
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4240.jpg

Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4242.jpg
N.04.59464 E101.08589. At least my hotel is still there and open so I check in where I stayed three years ago, its now 250 Baht a night.
The eldest daughter greets me remembering me from three years ago but sadly her mother passed away two years ago aged 46, a lovely kind hearted lady too
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4243.jpg
My room
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4244.jpg
N04.59393 E101.08393 the famous Ipoh salted chicken
Alor Setar To Ipoh 13/2/2014-img_4247.jpg
East meets west tonight, a whole salted chicken from a Chinese business with a large portion of fries from McDonalds, 220 Baht the lot


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