Jan 272011

The route K8, K10, K15, K154, 4, 76, 1

Total distance 329 km

After a pleasant first night in Malaysia at Alor Setar I made a good start out at about 8.30 am along the k8, I only found out yesterday that Malaysia is one hour ahead of Thailands time

I head east to hopefully find some twisty mountain roads

I soon find the kind of roads that I like

Theres plenty of water in the rivers because it keeps on raining, I stop here for a few minutes as the heavens open

It stops raining after a short time and not far along the road the road surface is dry

Its beautiful through here

I reach a small place called Sik and here its starts hammering down so I decide to stop for breakfast

A varied selection of food here and its self service

I try a spicy piece of chicken first

Then a sweeter one, both were nice and the bill was 55 Baht

This was the restaurant at N05.49.092 E100.44.862

I ride on and it rains intermittently for a few km

A small waterfall by the roadside

This lorry was belching out an enormous cloud of black smoke as it struggled up the hill

I certainly wont be following behind that

This is a fantastic scenic ride through the mountains

The upside of the rain is this fantastic greenery

Its raining hard again now but as I have about 200 km to ride I just carry on riding, getting drenched in the process but still enjoying myself

It stops raining for a while and this youngster is out enjoying himself

I spot this riding along the 1, a bit precarious up in that bedroom

I check in here at N04.35.676 E101.05.154 for 220 Baht

A double bed and a bigger room here, I have a sink in my room but its shared bathroom and shower

Time to eat and my LP book recommends this restaurant as being widely recognised as serving the best ayam taugeh (bean-sprout chicken) in Perak, if not Malaysia.

N04.35.623 E101.05.048

The chicken comes boiled soft and fragrant, the sprouts are particularly fat and crunchy and with a portion of rice this was a very delicious filling meal for 73 Baht, one portion and I was full

N04.35.882 E101.04.579, The LP book makes reference to the famous white coffee from Ipoh and says its good here so I walk about 1 km to find it

I wasnt over impressed and found it tasted like any other coffee.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Hey Colin – I think I’d like to go to Malaysia – looks stunning – though a bit wet :)

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