Colin is a serious motorcycle rider who visits Thailand every year, when it is Winter in his home country, the UK and rides literally any & every road he can around Thailand.

As he journeys, he takes photographs and these tell a story of the places he visits.

To end the day, he typically shows what he had for his evening meal and also a little about his accommodation.

Below is a calendar showing the regions of Thailand ridden during the years 2007 – 2010 as an example of his routine.

Check out the latest rides here …

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  1. Hi Peter,

    Good to hear from you, I personally think the MSX is a great little bike for what it is and its a lot of fun.
    Don’t know anything about the Van Van so cant comment on them.



  2. Hi Chris, cant find any info from my friends about it, I will be there early November and will ask a GH owner who does treks in that area.



  3. Hi Colin,
    I once asked the question over here in Thailand: “How much bike do you need?”. You, especially, are living proof of what I was getting at.
    Now you’re riding a Honda MSX; love to hear your comments on that. Been looking at the Suzuki Van Van 200. What do you think?
    I still follow your exploits when you are over here. Keep ’em coming.


  4. Hi Chris

    Sorry Chris but although I have rode extensively past the checkpoint on many occasions I don’t know anything about this mountain or where it is.

    I will ask a friend who lives in Mae Sariang if he knows anything about it, I am in the UK now so will message him.



  5. Hi Colin, from Mae Sariang to the end of road 1194, if you keep left at the fork which leads down to the river, you pass the stilted houses on the right and eventually arrive at a army / police road block. Last time i was there they informed me it was possible to climb a big mountain further in (2 hour climb was mentioned). But i was on my PCX and it was late already, so left it.

    I intend to go there late this year, have you any knowledge of mountain? I have seen your report side roads off of 1194, but i am not sure where they are in relation to where i am interested in.



  6. Hi, Collin,

    I already in Chiang Mai. My mobile number is 0618653891!

    Please contact me, because I don;t have your number.



  7. Hello Colin,
    I come to Chiang Mai next Sunday. Need 2 Days to clean my house and motorbike-test. I think drive 18.01.17 to you. Mae Sariang. Like the way Mae Sariang – Omkoi. Omkoi – Mae Sot. Can you give me your mobil number and GPS-Guesthouse. I make new mobil number in Chiang Mai. My email w4567@web.de .
    Nice to meet someone for drive offroad. Tom

  8. Hello Tom

    I will be in Mae Sariang until 5-6th February then go to Mae Sot for a week or two


  9. Hello Captain Slash,
    I am Tom from Germany. Visit Thailand every Year since 20 years. I have a small house in Chiang Mai and a Kawasaki KLX 250. Thias year I come on 16.01. until 12.02.2017. I want to drive with you. Pai, Mae Sot is O.K. I come on sunday then I make my new Thai mobil nummer and tell you. Need 2 or 3 days to start my motorbike.

  10. Hi Colin,

    Just trying to get your email adds.


  11. That sounded a good ride Warren, yes there was some unpleasant cold weather for a while and hopefully now its long gone.

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