Jan 222010

The route 101, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1047, 1268, 1239, 1047, Hwy 11

Total distance 321 km

It was an overcast morning as I rode out of Nan, at Wiang Sa it was raining slightly and here I turned onto the 1026 to take the longer scenic route rather than the direct 101, hwy11 route. I ride to Na Noi in slight rain then take a left onto the 1083 and its looking misty in the hills

At the viewpoint I cant see anything because of the low cloud, the roads are soaking but thankfully not slippery. As I am moving between destinations the bike is fully loaded and all the extra weight at the rear isnt helping the bikes roadholding as the front ends light but no sliding from the front tyre

As I descend a bit it soon clears and by the time I reach the bridge its stopped raining and the road is dry

No thats not smoke coming out from the trees, its low cloud

I reach the end of the 1083 and turn right onto the 1123 and now its raining again

Whats that strange looking thing in the road

Oh its a puddle, I have seen loads of them in the UK but they are rather rare here in Thailand at this time of the year

I reach the 1047 and turn left onto it

Its beginning to brighten up a bit, the rain has now stopped and the road is almost dry too

The 1047 is a well surfaced road from start to finish and a joy to ride

A great surface and bends like these

This house actually has tiles that match the house colour

The 1047 ends and straight ahead is the 1268 which I take

I stop in Ban Khok for a snack

I ride on and a few km down the road it starts raining quite heavily

The rains set in now and the sky looks as black as arseholes (another UK saying) It stays raining the rest of the way along the 1268

I take a right onto the 1239

This road is one long bend but extra care is needed along it today, I am getting wet now but its not cold, things could be a lot worse, I could be in that shithole called the UK for instance where I would be very cold and wet. My Brother e-mailed me yesterday telling me that the snow has now gone and normal weather has replaced it, rain

Bends after bend and not a bad surface either

I stop at a village where these women are taking the stones out of tamarind

Then a little friend turns up

I bend down to stroke them and they both jump up on my knee

I wonder what happens to the stones from the tamarind, I doubt that they get thrown away. I remember staying somewhere years ago where they roasted the stones of something then cracked them open with their teeth, perhaps this was it

I am given two large lengths of this pineapple and it had to be the juiciest one that I have ever known

Time to ride on and the rain is starting to ease

Soon I come to a brand new surface, shame I cant really enjoy it. I plan on taking this road when I go from Uttaradit to Chiang Khan so hopefully it will be a dry day then

Its finally stopped raining and beginning to clear up and the road is drying out too

Some good photos today because of the weather

A dry road at last

Its dry now for the rest of the way and I can enjoy the remainder of the 1239 to Nam Pat

At Nam Pat its a left onto the 1047

What a great road this is too from beginning to end

I stay on the 1047 ignoring the signs to take another road to Uttaradit and I am rewarded by having this great road virtually to myself

Now its dry and warm I am beginning to dry out myself

Just before reaching hwy 11 its the rice paddies

I ride on to hwy 11 turn left then after a few km take a right and ride into Uttaradit where I check into the Num Chai Hotel as usual. I am given my usual room and its still 140 Baht a night

Then its off to the New York Steak House and I enjoy one of Klaus’s lovely pork ghoulash and pasta meals for 140 Baht

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