Feb 092010

The route 2263, 2097, 3005, 210, 228, 2146, 4002, 2315, 210

Total distance 224 km

It was a real late start this morning, the bike needed an oil change, new rear brake pads and a new battery plus they managed to strip the threads on my sump plug and that had to be replaced, luckily it was the thread on the plug and not on the sump, so it was gone 11.00 before I even left the shop. The good news was the total bill was only 1120 Baht

I was determined to find the road that links south of Nong Wau So with the 2146 so off I set along the 2263 towards Kut Chap

When I rode along here a week ago there was no water flowing into this new reservoir that they are building but today its certainly flowing in, perhaps its from the recent storms

Along the way I see this pleasant looking house but why the tin eyesore attached to it?

At the 2263s end I turn left onto the 2097 and ride south for about ten km

I then take a left onto the 3005, a road that I havent been on before and it should take me to Nong Bua Lam Phu

There is a short unsurfaced section going into a village

This is the end of the road for me, theres a deep trench in front of me so its a detour through the grounds of some building to bypass the roadworks

Then its an asphalt surface again

A few twisty sections too

Theres an old lady sitting here with lots of dogs and puppies but as soon as I stop the puppies all run off

I ride on and upon reaching the 210 turn left onto it and ride into Nong Bua Lam Phu. Here I take a right onto the 228 and a couple of km later I take a left onto the 2146

About 100 metres before the km 27 marker I take a left onto the 4002 but its not numbered at the start, only after a bit

The temple on the hill comes into view in the distance

This surface is fantastic and absolutely loads of bends along it

I wonder how long this has been a surface like this as my Thinknet map only shows it as a thin red line

Partway up the hill and the road turns to concrete but thats no problem, theres a viewpoint from where this picture was taken also partway up the hill

Theres three little Buddhas here but I cant get them all in one photo

The big one that can be seen from a distance, this is one that will progress over time and next visit should see some progress

The smaller one that can be seen from a distance but this is the best shot I can get as if I walk back any further I will fall to my death over the cliff

The views from up here are fantastic

The lovely twisty road that I have just rode up

I can see a proper road ahead of me so hopefully its a good surface to Nong Wau So

Pictures at the temple of the progress

A last shot from the road as I ride away, Ray23 if youre reading this get your ass up here, its a dam fine trip

Time to ride on and its back to asphalt again now

There appears to be another temple along here but I dont investigate it today

I reach a village with lots of speed humps in the road then I emerge onto the 4019 and I know exactly where I am as I rode down the 4019 looking for this road the other day

Ray23 if you try this route as you are heading south along the 2315 after going through Nong Wau So the road then becomes the 4019 and just before the 3 km road marker where you see the picture of the King you need to take the right and then just keep going straight. Well perseverance certainly paid off today and I am really glad that I finally found this great little road

Another meal at Zaps Restaurant for the buffet tonight for 120 Baht

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  1. nice pictures’s from the Big Buda statue… I’ve visited it to and put some pic. about it at google earth.
    I hope i’v pinpointed the right spot … took some searching but I think I got the location.
    must be nice to travell there on a motorbike… still have to get to licence… so I travall by car

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