Dec 092009

The route 324, 346, 3040, 321, 3232, 346, 3351, 3318, 3260, 321, 3356, 3358, 324

Total distance 252 km

As I left town on the 324 the barriers came down on the level crossing, it wasnt until the train was going past that I noticed that the diesel engine was pulling the steam engine from the light&sound show plus some carriages then the other steam engine right at the back. I guess its back to Bangkok or wherever for them until next year

I stay on the 324 for about twenty five km then its a right onto the 346 which is just a busy highway and best off of. After about twenty km its a left onto the 3040

That loks a rather top heavy load

The 3040 is a pleasant road especially after the other two

Some older houses along here

Sugar cane and rice everywhere today

Theres a lot of these irrigation canals around here

I reach the 321 and turn left onto it for a few km then its a right onto the much quieter 3232

The 3232 runs back to the 346 and here I turn left and enjoy another fifteen or so km of this thoroughly busy boring highway. At Bang Len its a left onto the newly surfaced 3351

Lots of birds here enjoying their breakfast

This is a great road to ride, a good surface, lots of shade from the trees and quite cool too

I ride to Bang Pla Ma then take a left onto the 3318

At the crossroads with the 3260 I take a left to head back towards Kanchanaburi

Another superbly surfaced road

I noticed from afar that water was everywhere and just assumed that it was from rice fields

Now I think it might be a bit deeper, at the 321 I turn right onto it for a few km then a left onto the 3356 quickly followed by a right onto the 3358 which takes me to the 324, here its a left and home

I had to try the pizza tonight, it was okay but not the best that I have ever had, a bit disappointing really because I had heard such good reviews about it

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