Jan 312011

The route 5, E19, 73, 60, A101

Total distance 218 km

A nice gentle ride in the dry today after yesterdays marathon wet ride, I take the 5 out of town then a short stint on the E19 before taking a right onto the pleasant 73, thankfully this was the only water I see today and none falls on me

A bendy dry road amongst greenery

This fella was crossing the road and was easy to see but some twat driving a minibus had to hit it sending it spinning across the road, I picked it up and placed it on the grass on the side it was crossing to but I think the damage has already been done.
On the way back about three hours later it was still in the same spot where I placed it, I know theyre not the fastest moving creatures but even so it should have moved

Time to stop for breakfast

Usually Muslim food is to my liking but this one wasnt anything special

Theres some decent bends along this road

This very friendly young lady was only too happy to pose for a picture

I am happy to view the mountains from the distance today

Along the roadside

Oops, I asked if the driver had fallen asleep but apparently he was parked there and the soil was so wet from the recent rain that it just sank in and tilted over

Its contents were being pumped into another lorry then a crane was coming to lift it out, from here I rode back the way I rode here

I eat at this food court tonight

At this stall at N04.35.680 E101.05.257

I dont really fancy that though

Some Western food at last, 98 Baht for that lot and was I full

Get the gdb file here …

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