Apr 112009

I was woken up by the pouring rain at 6 am this morning and this pick up was being filled by the run off from the roof

I went for a walk around town in the rain and spotted another one of these scorpions in the road, thankfully this one didnt get run over by a truck before I got to photo it

I watched it climb a highish kerb then it walked to within four inches of my foot so I decided to move out of its way, then it disappeared into an open shop

Its brightened up and I ride out to see Marco again, the lake that was flooded in november has receeded a lot now

Nice and green out there now

Now the same photos from november

The Moon river trickling away from me

The Moon river trickling towards me

The same photo in november

Had a great chat with Marco then it was back to Franks for a lovely pizza for 150 Baht. With this pizza photo I have clocked my camera as it was picture number 10000, not bad for a 5000 Baht camera, I wasnt too happy when I needed a new lens that cost more than half the cameras price last month when it was only eighteen months old but when I realised that it had taken over 9000 pictures at the time I thought not so bad after all. I guess digital cameras have a service life like everything else

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