Mar 192011

The route 118, 120, Hwy1, 1021, 1251, 1091

Total distance 302 km

Riding along the 118 on a coldish but dry morning and these kids are happily playing here

That rain has certainly cleaned the air, its gorgeous now

Along the 120

I have never noticed that temple before, something to investigate another day

I stop at the Tharn Tong waterfall

Further along the 120 at a viewpoint

The Phayao lake in the distance

Now some shots from along the 1091

The 1091 is a seriously twisty fun road

The Nan river

Just look at how clear it is, after I left Surat Thani two weeks ago I certainly didnt expect to have views like this again until after the wet season.
As I am nearing Nan I notice the temperature really starts to climb and its about normal temperature here now but apparently this morning it was really cold, is Chiang Mai back to normal temperature yet?

Its the Nan Steak House for the best pizza in town, a very delicious one for 200 Baht, here they tell me about a new foreign owned pizza place opening called Pizza Hot, so somewhere else to try next visit but it will need to be something special to be better than the Nan Steak House.
Get the gdb file here …

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