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13-2-16 Mae Sariang Mae Tho NP Final day

Total distance 182 km Photos in any old order today Weaving in a village I ride through Along the 1270 and the cattle have a good feed Along one of the tracks More dusty dry tracks and mapping the Mae Tho NP is now finished Another pleasant ride through the trees So many tracks in the NP with some nice loops too A fallen tree blocks progress here Roadside along the 1270 Chicken Penang curry at Sawaddee 100 Baht

12-2-16 Mae Sariang New Tracks In The Mae Tho NP

Total distance 181 km Back up to Om Sung today to explore some more and those deep holes being dug on my last trip here are for electricity poles Very dry out here now This was an interesting track it went through the trees for quite a way Only two fires seen today which is not too bad The one horned buffalo A short track off the 108 that I had somehow missed before The fire doesn’t seemed to have harmed that thing Lasagna and garlic bread at Corsica 104 Baht

11-2-16 Mae Sariang A Few Short Tracks West Of The 105

Total distance 69 km Riding along the 1194 and theres probably as much water in the irrigation canal as what is left in the Yuam river, the water level is very low now I want to stay dry today and dry my boots out too, plus the legs are still aching from yesterdays long offroad ride. Standing up on the 150 isn’t as comfortable as it was on the 250 Now on the unpaved track that comes out in Sob Moei I get the thumbs up from these guys I try out this unpaved track and that was deeper and […]

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  • Kanchanaburi To Mae Sot 17/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi To Mae Sot 17/3/2014

    Total distance 527 km It was a hot humid start and I was sweating as I loaded the bike at 6.30am Very low water levels […]

  • Kanchanaburi 15/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 15/3/2014

    Total distance 108 km The shepherd enjoys a break While his flock eat Those red ant eggs dont look very appetising to me But this […]

  • Kanchanaburi 14/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 14/3/2014

    Total distance 101 km What I expected to be a short ride to finish mapping this area didnt quite turn out that way. Once I […]

  • Kanchanaburi 13/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 13/3/2014

    Total distance 106 km Hardly any water anywhere on these tracks Good fun though apart from the deep sand ones A bit of tree cover […]

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