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9-2-16 Mae Sariang Tracks Heading West Off The 105

Total distance 104 km Photos last to first Pita chicken and garlic bread at Corsica 104 Baht This was well and truly stuck I wonder if this is the bridge that was damaged a few years ago now that’s being repaired The Yuam and Mae Sariang rivers combined has a bit more water flowing The overflow Found along another track Here it terminates, now to enjoy it again riding back The first unpaved track becomes single track partway along it Some dredging taking place too Not much water in the Mae Sariang river now A photo taken late last night […]

7-2-16 Mae Sot To Mae Sariang

Total distance 235 km Photos last to first A pork rib on the house, usually 79 Baht, all very delicious food Spinach baked chicken and garlic bread 114 Baht A pizza in a bun was what it tasted like, delicious too 45 Baht An Italian style baggette at Corsica Being followed by the dog Back in Mae Sariang and I recognise my riding buddy Christian in the river The roadworks are continuing at a good pace and there is now only a 2.5 km section of the old potholed surface remaining. The rest of it has been ripped up and […]

6-2-16 Mae Sot The Source Of The Tara Rak Waterfall Plus An Unknown Cave

Total distance 99 km Back to front again Chicken tikka from T & T Indian food 180 Baht Good luck with the next chapter in your lives I call in to see my friends Angelina and Robinson and their daughter Sara to say our goodbyes as its very unlikely they will be here next trip, its time for them to move on. Good memories of fantastic food at their restaurant, takeaway and at their home will live with me forever, as will their friendship A fun days exploring and next holiday another month or mores stay here is booked in […]

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  • Kanchanaburi To Mae Sot 17/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi To Mae Sot 17/3/2014

    Total distance 527 km It was a hot humid start and I was sweating as I loaded the bike at 6.30am Very low water levels […]

  • Kanchanaburi 15/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 15/3/2014

    Total distance 108 km The shepherd enjoys a break While his flock eat Those red ant eggs dont look very appetising to me But this […]

  • Kanchanaburi 14/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 14/3/2014

    Total distance 101 km What I expected to be a short ride to finish mapping this area didnt quite turn out that way. Once I […]

  • Kanchanaburi 13/3/2014
    Kanchanaburi 13/3/2014

    Total distance 106 km Hardly any water anywhere on these tracks Good fun though apart from the deep sand ones A bit of tree cover […]

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